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Advantages of Filament Winding and Compression Molding

Composite materials are used to reinforce concrete and masonry, reinforced plastics and other uses. The composite materials are preferred because they are strong, light in weight and inexpensive compared to the traditional materials. The composite manufacturers produce composite materials from a combination of materials that have different physical and chemical properties. The composite manufacturers used several processes in manufacturing composite materials including filament winding and compression molding You can hire composite manufacturers to use filament winding or compression molding processes for your project. These are the benefits of compression molding and filament winding processes.

They use filament winding to manufacture carbon fiber composite hardware such as tanks, CF tubing, pressure vessels and many more. You will spend significantly fewer costs for production since only one person is needed to oversee the automated process. The output volume is more than the costs of production by far. The reduced cost of production will enable the manufacturer to charge us for the materials that you require.

The process highly suitable for producing larger or very long parts. The long and large structures are designed to save costs through weight savings while retaining the integrity and high quality of the structures. The manufacturer uses filament winding process will produce high-quality composite materials for you.

The spiral fibers move down the length as they are being placed at forty-five degrees around the circumference. The shafts and other applications similar to it are strong and stiff because the filament winding process achieves the angle of optimal torque transfer. There is additional strength to the structure because the process uses long continuous fibers. The process makes it quick and easy to transfer loads, unlike other processes that hinder the transfer of loads because they use discontinuous fibers.

They produce shapes of thermoset rubber or plastic resin as the customers using the compression molding process. The flow of the material is forced around inside the heat mold tool to produce the shape of resin or rubber that is required. They make a variety of products such as boots, seals gaskets door stops, chair feet among others. You will need less tools that those required in other molding processes thus compression molding is cost effective. The process needs any material that is resistant to high pressure such as the low cost aluminum and lower grades of steel. When the manufacturer spends less to produce the composite materials require using the compression molding process they will charge you lower prices.

If unit production in small amounts you should use compression molding process. there is low capital cost of manufacturing a mold tool, setting up a press and beginning to run production parts. There are no extra costs such as need for gates, sprues or runners because that will consume extra material costs. The production of large parts that need a bulk of material is suitable with the use of compression molding process because materials are loaded into the mold cavity directly.

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