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Understanding How Power Saws Work

Cutting wood using a power saw will result in cutting several times more than a hand would cut. The cuts will even look much better and will be more accurate. Power saws are available in different sizes starting with little ones that are lightweight at large power saws weighing up to 34 pounds. Small-sized power saws are still able to do the assigned job. Cheaply priced power saws are also able to cut deeper and will be adequate to do the job that you want it to do. Even if you want your power saw to cut deeper you can turn it so that you cut through to the other cut on the other side.

A 4″ diameter power saw is enough for people working on small jobs from their homes or in an apartment. You can cut up to 5.4″ using a 4′ diameter power saw. There are so many types of blades available, but you can also add adjustable guides.

Check the distance between your power source and the plug-in of the power saw. In case you will be working from a far off distance, then an extension cord should be sufficient with a long wire to prevent power voltage drop. In case you are working from distances of 35′ then using a No.14 or heavier wire should be adequate. A distance of 100′, No.12 wire or heavier should be used. Always buy extension cords of various sizes so that all distances are covered.

Do not underestimate a light-duty power saw. You can cut the wood pieces one by one or cut them as your mark and measure them. Alternatively, you can mark and measure the wood pieces and then cut them all at once. Using steady and easy pressure let your power saw work at its pace without forcing it. Start the power saw and determine when it is at full speed before entering the wood, then allow it to cut through the wood. The work of the owner of the power saw is to guide it. Insert a wedge or a screwdriver if you notice the blade is blinding the wood, this will keep the cut open. Remember to support your work as any movement will affect the guiding line.

Never allow your power saw motor to overheat. In case you notice too much heating up, first discontinue the sawing until the motor cools down. If you continue, you will damage the power saw motor. Finally, always have an extra sharp and clean blade and use kerosene to clean your power saw blade.

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