The Path To Finding Better

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The Impact of Your Mattress on Your Sleep

Ten years ago, researchers did a study that involved 59 men and women in optimal health sleeping for 28 nights straight on their usual mattresses, followed by 28 nights on new and unused, medium-firm mattresses. They were asked to take note of their stress levels along with things such as irritability, racing thoughts, worrying and the like. With the new beds, there was “a substantial decrease in stress,” as per the study, possibly due to the related improvement in sleep quality and the decrease in pain associated with firmer mattresses.


Allergies with mattresses are usually related to dust mites at least. Those microscopic creatures eat the dead skin cells you shed naturally, a lot of which can be found on and even inside your bed. As many as 20 million Americans couldn’t stand these nasty bugs, particularly those with respiratory conditions such as asthma. Washing linens frequently in hot water is effective in eliminating dust mites. Then use a slipcover to control the mites traveling from the bed to your pillows and linens. Of course, you have to clean the mattress itself, and this can be done effectively with a vacuum.

Firmness Level

There’s no hard and fast definition of what makes a soft or firm mattress. For a 300-pound person, for example, a mattress may come as soft, while for someone who weighs half lighter, it may come as firm. There are so many fancy terms used like “ultra-plush,” but you need to lie on the mattress itself before you can tell what that really means. There’s also minor evidence proving that the firmness of a mattress affects your sleep. It’s just all about your comfort in the end. Hence, make sure you spend a minimum of 20 minutes lying on a mattress before paying for it.


If you find a spring or a hole with stuffing sticking out, you clearly need to buy a new mattress. However, those aren’t not the only reasons to go to the store. If sleep has become harder to come by at home, you might have to make an investment, especially if you feel better rested after after sleeping somewhere else.

What the Experts Say

Experts are all united in saying that the bedroom should only be used for sleep and sex – otherwise, your brain will not stop thinking of work even as you lie in bed, and that makes it increasingly more difficult to get your z’s. Electronics definitely have no place with you on your mattress, most especially their blue light, which is scientifically proven to be disruptive to the brain’s natural bedtime activities. So if you really want to start sleeping better, you have to begin by correcting your habits.

A Simple Plan For Investigating

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